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Expeptise offers deep knowledge of peptides to academic researchers and biopharmaceutical companies.
Our range of peptides services include synthesis, peptide labelling, cyclic peptides, process optimization, larger-scale manufacturing, and purification. We also offer wide-ranging consulting services, from resolving challenges with expert advice to procuring lab equipment adapted to your needs.
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Peptide Consulting Services


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Peptide Consulting Services


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Used lab equipment

Over 30 Years of Experience

Designing and Synthesizing
The Most Challenging Peptides


Alain Larocque, Chemist

Alain Larocque


I bring value-added insight by drawing on deep knowledge of peptides and a breadth of experience including design and management of laboratories; development of synthesis processes; design and manufacturing of research equipment; and drafting of standard operating procedures as part of a quality assurance program.  Customers also benefit from my worldwide network of contacts.

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